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About Nuno Felting Supplies & Techniques

Nuno Felting

Nuno Felting Introduction

The following information provides an overview of the materials, tools, processes and techniques for nuno felting.

You can learn to nuno felt in a few hours, or you can spend a lifetime exploring the world of nuno felting. Even with the few materials, tools, processes and techniques described below for nuno felting the possibilities are endless. If you expand your horizons and experiment further, there are even more possibilities. In nuno felting, there is no right or wrong way. Each person will develop their own style.


Felting occurs because wool fibers have microscopic scales. Moisture opens up the scales and agitation entangles the scales. Heat speeds up the process.

Felting refers to the two stages of felting: the felting stage and the fulling stage.

The felting stage is when the moist fibers begin to entangle. The result of this stage is often called prefelt. The material is not strong enough to be a fabric at this stage.

The fulling stage is when the fibers shrink and strengthen into a fabric.

Nuno Felting

Nuno felting is also called laminated felting. Nuno felting is a type of felting. In nuno felting, fibers are felted to a fabric. The fibers can be felted to one or both sides of the fabric, or the fibers can be sandwiched between two layers of fabric. In nuno felting, in the felting stage, the focus is to get the fibers to attach to the fabric (work their way through the weave of the fabric) and then begin to entangle. In nuno felting, in the fulling stage, when the fibers shrink a unique bubbly texture is created as the fabric is pulled in with the fibers. Nuno felting creates a beautifully textured thin lightweight drapable fabric with the wonderful qualities of the natural fibers used, typically silk and wool.

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