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Nuno Felting How To - Basic Instructions

Gather your Materials (for more information click here)

           Silk Scarf & Merino Wool Roving

Gather your Tools (for more information click here)

           Rolling Mat, Protective Layer, Soap, Water, Pot and Ladle, Heat Source, Rolling Bar, Stretchy Ties, Towels, Vinegar & Moisture Protection

Nuno Felting How To (for more information click here)

a) Nuno Felting How To - Preparation

Set up a moisture proof work surface and lay out the rolling mat.

How to lay out the silk scarf & merino wool roving.

Untwist the roving before using. Pull off a 12" length of roving. Split the roving in half lengthwise. Pull off small pieces of roving in a thin layer using the fingers and palm of one hand to grasp the edges of roving and the other hand to hold the rope of roving. Keep your hands about 4 inches apart. Place the wisps of roving on the scarf in a single thin layer.

Cover the project with the protective layer/tulle.

How to wet the project.

Use a cool soapy water mixture (about 1 tablespoon olive oil soap to 2 cups of water). Gently, place one hand on the project, using a ladle pour some of the soapy water mixture over the hand on the nuno felting project being careful not to disturb the design. Gently press the project with your hands to wet dry fibers and press out air bubbles. Continue until the whole nuno felting project is wet. The nuno felting project should be moist, use a sponge or towel to sop up excess water.

How to roll up the project.

Place the rolling bar at one end of the nuno felting project, and roll up all the layers of the project. Secure the roll with stretchy ties. Wrap a towel around the rolled nuno felting project and secure with stretchy ties. The towel will help absorb leaks and is softer on your arms when rolling the nuno felting project. Use a bow when securing the rolled nuno felting project. This will make it easy to open the roll.

b) Nuno Felting How To - Felting

How to roll the project.

Literally roll the nuno felting project. Stand with one foot forward and one foot back to reduce strain on the back. Use your forearms, from elbow to wrist, to roll nuno felting project back and forth on the work surface. Do this for about five minutes and check the nuno felting project (see Check the project). Repeat this process as necessary until the felting stage is done (see Felting is done). There are so many variables, so it's impossible to say exactly how long this will take.

How to check the project.

Open up and unroll nuno felting project. Lift the tulle from the nuno felting project. Check to see if the felting stage is done (see Felting is done). If the nuno felting project requires more felting re-roll the project (starting at the opposite end). If the tulle starts to stick to the nuno felting project, lift the tulle gently by pulling back in a peeling motion, being careful not to disturb the design. Eliminate the tulle from the roll when the scarf and roving start to hold together.

How to know when the felting is done.

Check to see if the felting stage is done. Use a towel to blot/dry off a section of the nuno felting project. Looking at the back side of the nuno felting project (the fabric side), hold the blotted area up to a light and look at the surface of the project. The felting stage is done when you see tiny hairs of wool coming through the scarf. Click Here for an Image

c) Nuno Felting How To - Fulling

How to re-wet the project.

With the nuno felting project unrolled on the rolling mat, remove the cold water from the nuno felting project by blotting it with a towel or sponge. Heat the soapy water mixture and apply it to the nuno felting project.

How to rub, scrub, drop or toss the project.

With the nuno felting project lying flat on the rolling mat rub the entire surface of the nuno felting project with your hands.
Lift the nuno felting project off the rolling mat. With different sections of the nuno felting project in each hand scrub the surfaces together.
Drop or toss the nuno felting project on the rolling mat or in a sink.

Re-wet the project as necessary to keep it hot.
Check the nuno felting project often - changes happen quickly.
Repeat until the desired result is achieved.

How to know when the fulling is done.

The fulling is done when the nuno felting project has shrunk and a skin has formed. How tight and hard the skin is and how much the nuno felting project shrinks is up to you.

d) Nuno Felting How To - Finishing

Use water to rinse all soap out of the nuno felting project. Soak the finished nuno felting project in an acidic bath for 10 to 15 minutes. To create the acidic bath, use about 1 teaspoon vinegar or lemon juice to 4 cups of water. Rinse the nuno felting project again. Blot the project with a towel to remove excess water. Shape the finished nuno felting project on a flat surface and leave to dry.


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