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Nuno Felting : Home

"As the agitation of a grain of sand in an oyster creates a pearl,
so too the agitation of wool fibers into silk fabric creates nuno felt,
a beautifully textured thin lightweight drapable fabric."

Nuno felting is also called laminated felting. In nuno felting, fibers are felted to a fabric. The fibers can be felted to one or both sides of the fabric, or the fibers can be sandwiched between two layers of fabric. In nuno felting, in the felting stage, the focus is to get the fibers to attach to the fabric (work their way through the weave of the fabric) and then begin to entangle. In nuno felting, in the fulling stage, when the fibers shrink a unique bubbly texture is created as the fabric is pulled in with the fibers. Nuno felting creates a beautifully textured thin lightweight drapable fabric with the wonderful qualities of the natural fibers used, typically silk and wool.

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Image: Merino Wool Roving All Colors - Link: Nuno Felting Supplies

We carry nuno felting supplies, including materials and tools, for all your needs:

Nuno Felting Supplies - Materials:
Gauze Silk Scarves
Habotai Silk Scarves
Merino Wool Roving
Merino Wool Prefelt
Prefelt Shapes
Silk Sliver ~ Silk Roving

Nuno Felting Supplies - Nuno Felting Tools:
Solar Pool Cover for a Rolling Mat
Tulle for a Protective Layer
Olive Oil Soap for the Soapy Water Mix
Pool Noodle for a Rolling Bar
Spandex Ties for Stretchy Ties
Poly Sheeting for Moisture Protection

In our tutorial section you'll find information on how to felt: nuno felting projects and nuno felting techniques.

My favorite nuno felting projects are scarves. Creating nuno felt scarves is fun and easy especially when you start with our merino wool prefelt or merino wool roving and one of our blank silk scarves (pre-dyed with a rolled edge hem) as a canvas.

Image: Gauze Silk Scarves - Link: Nuno Felting Projects

Image: Merino Wool Roving Bright Sapphire - Link: Nuno Felting Supplies & Techniques

In our information section you'll find a wealth of details about nuno felting supplies and about nuno felting techniques & processes:

About Nuno Felting Supplies:
About Materials
(About Silk Fabrics & About Wool Fibers)
About Tools

About Nuno Felting Techniques & Processes:
About Preparation for Design Layout
About Design Layout
About Felting
About Fulling
About Finishing

If you ever have any questions, please ask.
We love nuno felting, and we want you to enjoy it too!

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